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Bonaventura Aditya Perdana is a social media admin and copywriter since 2013. Bona actively handling Indonesian Wikipedia Twitter account and make powerful impact (viral) Tweets to boost account impressions.

Bona lives in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia where he enjoys drinking coffee, listen some music, and try to live at fullest as possible.


Note: I also like to share my activities and achievements on Polywork. Please check it out. :)

Work experience

  • Wikimedia Foundation as project ambassador (March 2022 — present)
  • Indonesian Wikipedia (as volunteer) as social media admin (August 2013 — present)
  • Wikimedia Indonesia as translator and copywriting for Wikipedia Module (August 9 — October 5, 2021)
  • CIAYO Comics (now defunct) as social media officer (July 23, 2018 — April 1, 2020)
  • Wikimedia Indonesia as staff officer (July 2017 — August 2018)



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